Denoise AI (older version 2.4.2) where are my files?

It’s been a long long time that I can’t use Denoise; yet when I open I’m ask to upgrade to version 3. BUT Denoise beautifully removes noise just to send the ‘denoised’ file to Lala land, now where to be found. If finishes processing when I click Save, then the app simply closes down. I search and search and nothing but the original file with same file number. Properties indicate to add the word _denoise. Nothing new with that name in my hard drive.

Note, I’m using Denoise app directly, not as plug-in. I drop the file from Finder to the App.

Is it saving to a hidden directory? How do I find out? It used to work when I purchased it, but not any more. macOS Big Sur 11.4

If you do that it is the same as plugin mode, it will overwrite the original unless it is a RAW image (not DNG as they will be overwritten).

Thanks, but that wouldn’t be the issue. I only work with RAW files, which can’t be overwritten. My files are Olympus .ORF if that makes any difference.

That is why you can’t find them, it will process the image them try to output and cannot update the RAW.

Open from within the application then you will be able to save as a different format.

Thanks. I’m aware no app can save over any RAW file format. But what a dumb app ! First thing you see when you open it is Drop folder or Image; then you process and you’re presented with Save which can’t be done. Really poor and unfriendly user interface IMO.