DeNoise AI - not terribly useful thus far

I was about to report a bug with DeNoise AI not opening from Lightroom Classic CC, but then it occurred to me that it might be that it just fails if you have more than one file selected. Sure enough, that was it, though the resulting preview showed a lot of ugly, squiggly pattern noise, so wasn’t really usable.

Before discovering the root of the inability to open more than one file from LR issue, I was able to open the associated ORF raw files via Finder (one at a time, of course - drag and drop kind of implied batch processing that wasn’t there). As others have also noted, after processing, I’m left with a pretty drab DNG, and Lightroom no longer sees it as a shot from an identifiable camera. Getting to the automatic look of the base raw file would take a LOT of work.

Can you share with us what other External Editors you can call from LR allow you to open more than one image at a time.

Aurora HDR does - it would be useless without it. Perfectly Clear Complete does. Topaz Studio does (!!!). Luminar doesn’t open them all together, but will open a new instance for each sequentially. DxO Viewpoint 3 doesn’t, but throws up an error box letting you know it can’t.

DeNoise AI is the only one that doesn’t and fails to open with no errors.

You can use DeNoise AI as a plugin from Topaz Studio or PS. DeNoise AI doesn’t have any batch process as yet but there have been requests in the Product Enhancements area.

DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, JPEG to RAW AI and GigaPixel AI are all single image processors by themselves. But JPEG to RAW AI and GigaPixel AI allow you to process many images as a batch as such there is no multiple image opening by DeNoise AI or Sharpen AI except by using a PS action.