Denoise AI - Need an answer

Following the update of Denoise AI to version 1.1.1, I found that I couldn’t change the Bit depth in the “Save Image As” dialogue for TIF/TIFF format from 16 bit to 8 bit. The pull down shows both, and clicking on 8 bit produces a tick against it, but the value in the dialogue box doesn’t change, and the resulting output stays as 16 bit.

On May 24th I raised a support request (177420), thinking it would result in either a simple answer that “yes - Issue confirmed” (Nothing I can do but wait on it to be fixed in a future release), or “No, we can’t duplicate that problem” (meaning I need to be looking at something specific to my installation).

I did receive a response “Please send me your original file and a screen shot of the settings you used and I’ll do a little further investigation”. The problem occurs with any image, however as requested I sent one of the images that I had been using, and a screen shot of the settings.

That was 10 days ago. There has been no further response.

So please, can another Windows 10 user do this simple test for me.

Open Denoise AI v1.1.1.
Input any image.
Leave the various sliders at their defaults.
Update the preview (if not set to Auto)
Click on Save As
Set file format to TIF or TIFF
Set compression to None, or LZW or ZIP
Click on the Bit Depth pull down and click on 8 bit.

Does the value in the Bit depth box change from 16 to 8. (It doesn’t for me).

At least I will then know whether the issue is only on my PC.

Incidentally, the “Save Image As” dialogue in Denoise AI appears to be the same as the one in Sharpen AI, but in Sharpen AI, I can change from 16 to 8 bit, and vice versa.

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It works the same way for me, i.e. it’s stuck at 16-bit.

Thanks Paul. At least I now know it’s not just an issue on my installation.

Hope they will fix it in a future release.

In the meantime if there are other users who like me mostly use 8 bit the following registry hack will lock it at 8 bit instead of 16.

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs\Topaz DeNoise AI\appMain
Change LastTIFBitDepth from 10 Hex (16 dec) to 8 Hex (8 Dec).

I tried it as well and it sticks on 16 bit. This is not an issue for me since I use Jpg, not tif.

This happens to me also. I will try your hack.


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I think I’ve isolated the bug and should have it fixed pretty shortly.


Thank you Josh

Not a problem. The fix should be coming out in the next update.