Denoise AI Models for X-Trans Sensor (non RAW models)

Long story short:
Some time ago I learnt that TOPAZ AI never applied RAW Models for Denoising of X-Trans Raw Files (RAF).
Nevertheless, as a relative beginner, I used to like the results achieved by these so called “linear” models and found them better than was achieved by nonoise of On1 Photo Raw, for example .
Then I was told that the traditional (aka “linear”) non raw denoise models have been replaced by the new ai non raw denoise models.
After having tried out alternative solutions like DXO, I was not satisfied by the results anymore.
Now I went back to Topaz for trials, since some issues with upscaling ware solved as per recent announcement. And I still like Topaz for upscaling.
And now I experienced that denoising even alters the colours of the images.
In one example, background with relatively warm colours (predominantly orange and yellow tones, among greenish tone) to more muted tones with a greenish tint (also in the oranges and yellows). Quite nice and clean, but inaccurate.
Seems to be a temperature shift to the cooler side.
Also, the file size was increased 5 fold from roughly 30 MB to over 150MB (only denoising, no sharpening)!
Same incredible file size if I apply only sharpening, and no denoising.
The colour shift of denoising has apparently nothing to do with X-Trans Sensor. Same effect if I denoise a DNG of the same image developed in another editor.
Finally, I could confirm the suspicion that primarily the colour temperature is changed, maybe also the exposure. By raising the temperature of the exported DNG and the exposure in another editor somewhat, the result looks more accurate.

File size of exported DNGs and colour temperature shift with denoising are both quite disappointing, indeed.
There are competitors who do way better in this respect, I don’t want to call names.
Unfortunately, I cannot upload the DNG created by Topaz Photo AI, because it iss too big (again, more than 150 MB). Instead, I uploaded the JPEG created by Topaz Photo AI, the colour shift is roughly the same in the preview of Topaz Photo AI and of other editors. But strange enough, hardly visible in the preview of this site.

DSCF3932.RAF (27.2 MB)

It does …

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