DeNoise AI - getting "AI model is missing or corrupted"

Ordinary PC. Windows 10 Pro. Denoise AI 3.3.4.
Installed a couple days ago - completely REMOVED the previous version. 3.3.4 worked for 3 or 4 uses sending an image from Lightroom.
An hour later, send another image and we’re back to "AI model ismissing or corrupted. (nMsL.bin)(NX)

This was old when version 2 used to do it and I’d have to reinstall a couple times a week…

I don’t remember what information you need… I uploaded 2 log files and the graphics info is below.

2021-11-28-20-23-48-Main.tzlog (210.4 KB) 2021-11-28-20-23-48-QML.tzlog (59.2 KB)

Graphics Info
Application & Version: Topaz DeNoise AI Version 3.3.4
Operating System: Windows 8 Version 6.2 (Build 19043)
Graphics Hardware: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
OpenGL Driver: 3.3.14761 Core Profile Forward-Compatible Context 21.11.2 30.0.13033.5003
CPU RAM: 32680 MB
Video RAM: 8176 MB
Preview Limit: 8000 Pixels

The GOOD news is the error doesn’t completely destroy processing. It’s annoying, but I can keep dismissing it and SO FAR still get the noise reduction done.

Can somebody tell me what this is, and HOW to make it stop showing up WITHOUT re-installing Denoise every time.

Please raise a support request at the main website. Instructions contained in the banner at the top of the pages on this forum.

Tried ignoring it for the last week, but it’s gotten to the point where Denoise pukes as soon as you open a window. Displays the “model corrupted” popup then locks up. Have to kill the process in the task manager. So, I finally HAD to go over and try to raise a support issue…

If that’s going to be the answer to every problem that comes up in Denoise, it makes the forum less than useful…

Usually you can tell that the problem is with your PC environment when you are the only one getting the problem. It could be … disk corruption, running off external drive, network problem etc., etc.

That is when you need tech support, there is no technical support people on this forum only users like you.