DeNoise AI fails with Color Noise

Using Topaz DeNoise AI v1.1.1 from Lightroom Classic seems to be working well with my Olympus OMD-EM1 MK II files with ISO’s up to about 8,000 or 12000 with the LR Detail settings at 0 for Sharpening and for Luminance Noise. However, unless I leave the Color Noise slider at the default 25, DeNoise AI has great difficulty removing the luminance noise as well as the color noise, and even where the luminance noise is supessed, there are bad artifacts from the color noise, particularly in the yellows.

When the Color Noise slider is left at the default 25 there seems to be much less of a problem. Is DeNoise AI supposed to be able to remove the color noise along with the luminance noise?


My experience, like yours, is that AIDN is much better with luminance noise than it is with color noise. I posted to that effect day/weeks ago. Some users have resorted to using DN-6 first for the color noise, but even that is tricky to get right and not derail AIDN processing.

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I have been experiencing a lot of blue artefacts with Denoise AI which can be really frustrating to clean up.

Here is an image I selected just to show the problem. Before Topaz AI on the left and after with default settings on the right.


that’s pretty bad! Makes AI Denoise nearly useless for you. My Sony & Panasonic RAW files show no color distortion or artifacts. However, on high ISO shots it doesn’t remove all the color noise- so I have to cleanup with Denoise 6. Denoise AI should still be in beta testing.

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I am not sure I had this problem with the earlier version, but I must admit I didn’t do too much testing before I upgraded. Quite a few are seeing similar looking through the threads here. I hope it will be resolved at some point. With many shots it is not too noticeable but as you can see others it really is a problem no matter how low you put the settings. It is only when NR is set to 0 it vanishes.

This particular shot was with a Canon 80D/EF-S 60mm combo.