Denoise AI DNG file size and compression

Hello everyone! Fairly new user to Topaz.
Been using denoise with fantastic results.
Dragging and dropping RAW files onto denoise and it converts to DNG.
These files are ridiculously larger than the original RAW file.

I ran some tests using Adobe DNG standalone converter after denoise creates the DNG.
Not using “lossless compression” option in DNG converter, the file size shrank to 1/2 the size denoise created.

I’ve zoomed in 800% and I cant tell the difference.

The question is, is this a common practice?
Is this a bad idea?
I’m a full time photographer, and im processing 1000’s of photos at a time, and for denoise to bloat the DNG file size 5x greater than the original RAW file size is crazy.


You need to raise a support request at the main website, they will know.

Cool. Thank you :slight_smile:

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