Denoise AI custom defaults

It would be nice if I could define my own custom default values for “Remove Noise” and “Sharpen”, so I can rightaway start processing the preview with my personal defaults and don’t need to change the “factory values” 15/15.

I have added Denoise AI as an integral part of my general, LR-based workflow for all of my images. No sharpening, no noise reduction done in Lightroom but only in Denoise AI. Hence, for the majority of my images I apply the same settings for “Remove Noise” (=5) and “Sharpen” (=40). So, for every image I need to move the sliders :frowning:

Would be great if you would consider this in one of the next releases!


I agree and it shouldn’t be difficult for the devs to make adjustable defaults for those two values in Preferences (or make them sticky from the last session).