Denoise AI Crashing

Recently Denoise AI has started crashing. After an image processes to 100%, my monitor goes dark. The computer is running, and after a while I can reboot. This began after the most recent update. Before that I had no issues. My NVIDIA Geforce card driver is up-to-date. Not sure what to try next. Thx for assistance.

Windows 10, 64 bit.

Could you upload an example image that this occurs with?

Yes, I can. However, I have since discovered that I can successfully process regular raw images of about 40 mbs. The original file being processed when the crash occurred is a .dng file of 110 mbs. I also tried processing the tiff version of this file, 386 mbs, and that crashed, too. On the other hand, I created a cropped version of the large tiff file, 178 mbs in size, and it processed without crashing. So the smallest of the three (dng) will not process, whereas the smaller tiff, which is quite a bit larger than the dng, did process successfully. Not sure if these observations provide any insight.

Before the most recent Topaz update, I had processed dng files of 110 mbs and larger with no issue whatsoever.

Please let me know which, if any, of the three versions of the file described above would be helpful to upload.