Denoise AI crash when two 4K monitors connected

Denoise AI usually crash when two 4K monitors connected to AMD 5700xt graphics card and use eGPU for denoise calculation.

software: Win10 20H2 latest and denoise ai (2.3.2 to 2.3.6)
Hardware: 10710U (with intel GPU) and Hardware 5700xt via tb3
monitor: 15’ 4K60 8bit 175% scale and 28’ 4k60 10bit 125% scale

Software only crash when both monitors are connected and use egpu (intel openvino works fine). It’s GPU crash not only denoise software (no signal output form GPU). I have to hot swap eGPU to make GPU work.

I don’t believe eGPU’s are supported, please raise a support request at the main website and ask them.