DeNoise AI: compressed diagram and huge DNG size

Let’s compare result of processing RAW file in DeNoise AI. Source is Nikon D800 NEF opened along with result DNG in CameraRAW.
And result:

The same images on 100% crop:


In result image there are no noise at all, but it is dule, lose contrast.
Also resulting image have unexpected big size - 205 MB. Source file size is 46,79 MB. If noise lower size must be lesser.

And also Adobe Bridge CC 2019 can not dispay full screen preview.
Is it possble make better color processing and file size compression in DeNoise AI resulting files?

I think the idea is to flatten the colour and contrast as much as possible to isolate the noise. You can easily bring back saturation, and contrast afterwards. It’s like grading a f-log video file. As long as data isn’t lost I don’t really care what the file looks like when it comes out. I was concerned at first like you are but realized I could bring back contrast, clarity, and colour with just a couple of clicks.

Also the size of DNG seems to be because they are wrapping using the dng file type as a wrapper for a tiff. I’d rather have an uncompressed tiff than a compressed one for future editing.

I’ve asked for full dng file (i think that means a full layer for each of the three colours) so that it’s like editing a raw afterwards which will be slightly bigger. If you want a smaller file just export to .tiff and pick compression or 8-bit.

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