Denoise AI - Color shift, and much more noise than previewed

Hi there, I’d been using the demo version of DeNoise for a few days, and finally pulled the trigger and purchased it. During the trial, I threw a few different high noise images at the app, and they looked great on screen, but because it was going to include a watermark, I never saved them. Today, I saved one of the raw images, and it looks nothing like what I see in the preview before processing. There’s a huge color shift of the raw image, and much, much more noise. I’ve not changed any of the available options, so I’m very confused why they are so drastically different. When I view the raw image in Capture One, it looks identical to what I’m seeing in DeNoise, prior to processing.

Screenshot of image in DeNoise

Screenshot of same area after running DeNoise, without changing any settings.