Denoise AI Changing Photo To Magenta

Denoise AI Over Saturation or Changing WhiteBalance or Changing photo to Magenta .


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This Could Be Cause of Missing Color Profile.Giga Pixel Shows no Color Profile In Mac.

This Affects All Topaz In Standalone But JPEg to AI.

Photo With WhiteBalance

Color Profile has no effect on RAW files and DNGs are treated as RAW. DNG images, as per the Adobe specification for the archive format, include a Camera Profile generated by the DNG Converter in the ‘proprietary’ Adobe format named DNG.

Unfortunately DNG is promoted as a great ‘archive’ alternative to RAW images but DNG does not work with most manufacturer image-processing programs such as Nikon’s Capture NX software or Canon DPP software. Specifically though, DNG strips out most of the unrecognized metadata (such as Active D-Lighting, Picture Controls, Focus Points, etc) from RAW files, making it impossible to retrieve this data from DNG in the future.

Most software other than Adobe’s, including Topaz Labs software, has issues reading the DNG format produced by the Adobe DNG Converter and the loss of some potentially important metadata means that DNG files CANNOT ever be converted back to RAW.

So in summary if you follow these rules you should be able to have a ‘reasonable’ conversion of RAW images in Topaz Products … noting that RAW conversion, although there in Topaz products, is not officially supported. These guidelines will help:

  • NEVER use DNGs produced by other applications including Adobe DNG Converter
  • Preferably use the RAW images out of camera.
  • The best option, ALWAYS, is to use a standard TIF (16 or 8 bit), by standard I mean un-layered and with optional compression, produced by another RAW converter where the basics can be built in to the TIF file.

Camera Manufactures Only output to TIFF For Quality.My Experiment Is Take Raw Photo From Camera Open it up In Studio Export it as “TIFF” Open TIFF In Denoise Ai Save As DNG (This Is Used To Make Camera Profiles for LightRoom) Favorite Photo Program for Photographers .XRITE Standalone Requires DNG And So Does Adobe DNG Profile Editor.Though Can Export Camera Profiles In Light Room. DNG Files From Camera Raw Come UP Fine The Problem was Saving as DNG With Topaz. Standalone.The Problem Was With Topaz (Standalone) Not Adobe.
If the File Is Done With Adobe DNG Converter Than Opened With Denoise No Problem With Denoise or Photo Opened With PhotoShop