Denoise AI changes photo metadata?

According to the best practices for using Denoise AI, it should be used early on in the process. However, I find that if it’s the first step in my process, there is some photo metadata that gets lost after saving the output of a photo as DNG from Denoise AI. For example, after Denoise AI saves the DNG:

  • The outputted DNG does not contain a JPEG preview, so it is unable to be displayed in programs like PhotoMechanic. This can be resolved by running all the denoised DNGs through Adobe DNG Converter, but this is another step in a workflow.
  • After importing into Lightroom, the white balance slider no longer reads the actual temperature and is centered about zero.
  • Again after importing into Lightroom, the available camera lens profiles only show JPEG profiles instead of all of the lens profiles for RAW photos.

Is this what others have experienced as well? Looking forward for fixes and work-arounds. I’m hoping I can incorporate Denoise AI more easily into my event/documentary workflow.