DeNoise AI blows the doors off Photo AI -- how can this be?

Are you guys aware of this?

I’m working on a jpg scanned old color 35mm slide (Ektachrome, probably) that has a lot of very obvious grain all over the sky. Photo AI wasn’t doing a great job cleaning up the grain, so I tried DeNoise AI. It worked far better, and quickly to!

Normally I just use Photo AI, on the assumption that you folks would be incorporating Sharpen, DeNoise and GigaPixel into it, but hmm… what’s going on here? Was I mistaken? Are the old single-function tools really still better?

My copies of PhotoAI and Denoise AI are both fully current.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Open the jpg with either app and apply the denoise function in Strong mode
  2. Look at the results. The difference is obvious.

Windows TopazPhotoAI 3.0.2, DeNoise AI v3.7.2

Yes, I think PhotoAI has fallen off a bit in this regard. Denoise AI seems to work much better on color noise than Photo AI. Nonetheless for many of my high ISO images, I use a selective workflow, often applying multiple iterations of NR to the background and different settings to the subject(s). At times, it still fails, and I frequently have to use Denoise AI for those circumstances.

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Thanks for that feedback and suggestion!

Wow, I’m not seeing that. I own DeNoise AI, and have just tested Photo AI3 (which I don’t own), and the PREVIEW image from photo AI3 blows away whatever DeNoise can do. Maybe the actual output (which I can’t generate) is different, but it doesn’t look like it would be a close comparison - it looks like Photo AI image was shot at ISO 200, and the DeNoise image was shot at 3200.

Huh! Let me just ask, what software version(s) are you using, and what’s the source of the photo?