DeNoise AI as LR plugin on Mac doesn't work?

I recently downloaded DeNoise AI and am impressed wit its capabilities, but it seems there is a problem when I attempt to use it as a plug in on Lightroom Classic CC on my iMac.

Specifically, in LR when I select a photo and go to Photo–>Edit In–>Topaz DeNoise AI the system behaves normally in that it asks if I want to edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments (the other options are greyed out) and then generates a second copy as a TIFF file (I only shoot raw). But that’s where it stops doing anything - DeNoise does not boot up - everything just sits there after creating a file called [originalimagename]Edit.tiff

If I then manually open DeNoise AI and select the TIFF file LR generated and work on the image, when I quit DeNoise AI that’s the end of the “cycle”. In other words, in order to get it into Lightroom I have to run an Import process to bring in the freshly created new image which is named by default as [originalimagename]-Edit-denoise.dng

In other words, as a Plugin DeNoise AI does nothing more than generate a copy of the selected image and stops there.

This is using the latest version of DeNoise AI, LR Classic CC v8.2.1, and Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.6

Not sure if anyone else has hit this snag; appreciate any input.

The LR process is correct as you cannot directly edit RAW images from LR. LR generates the image not DeNoise AI.

Please Open a Request on the Topaz Labs website support page.

Thank you for replying.

So does that imply that DeNoise AI will work normally in LR with a JPEG image?

I ask because other plugins, like OnOne Resize or Luminar 2018, work as expected - that is, I select a raw image, “edit in” Luminar, and LR generates a copy and launches Luminar - when I have finished working in Luminar it quits and the edited image appears next to the original as a dng file with the word “edit” appended to the file name. I expected that DeNoise would work in the same way.

select a raw image, “edit in” Sharpen AI, and LR generates a copy and launches Sharpen AI

As far as I know a DNG is not an option for Edit in from LR, it you choose a RAW image you have an option to edit in Sharpen AI with or without LR adjustments in the format you choose, but for a image other than a RAW file you can send the original.

As in this Help article from Adobe:

It is expected that Sharpen AI works as is explained and the reason I said to raise a Support Request is that on Windows it works as expected. As explained in that article.

Well, that is not what I meant - what I said is that when I select a raw image and use a plug in like Luminar, LR generates a tif and opens Luminar with that tif image ready to go (and the tif image name is appended with the word “edit”- when I do things in Luminar and quit Luminar it saves it back and it just appears in the LR library.

Some programs seem to save as a dng file, but either way they always return to LR already in the library.

Oh, and I just did submit a note to support at Topaz

Should be the same , DeNoise should start with the passed TIF then after you adjust the settings to your like and generate a preview, selecting File-> Save or Ctrl+S will process the image and save it where it will be updated in LR.

But you are saying that it doesn’t open in DeNoise AI even though you send it to DeNoise AI. That is why you need that support request because there is something wrong with your environment.