Denoise AI and Sharpen AI are CRASHING

I recently updated my MacBook Pro to the latest version of Big Sur. It was an unnumbered update, in that the version stayed at 11.5

Now, both Denoise AI and Sharpen AI are CRASHING, every time. No matter if I launch the program as a standalone app or as a plug in. I’d include a screenshot, but you seem to have that feature turned off too, so no way I can show you the error message I get every time it crashes.

What is worse, if that your company has intentionally removed all methods of contacting Topaz other than through this forum. No more e-mail address, no more phone number. The message is loud and clear. Here at Topaz, we simply do not want to communicate with you, our users, one-on-one.

You need to go through all your FAQ’s and answers and edit out the line Drop Us A Message because there is no longer any way to do that.

What a shame. What a bad decision. You used to have superior support, now you are worse than Skylum, whose support is mediocre. Topaz is now down to the abysmal level. Might be time to start looking more closely at ON1.

Crashing software and no way to report it except here in a public forum with 1,400+ prior messages. And no way to show you the PROCESS ERROR pop-up message.

Go to the main website, i.e., go to support and raise a request there. This a user to user forum.

You need also to tone it down a bit, you can easily type a copy of the error message as it is sure to be concerned with your os update.

Have you tried reinstalling?

Rants serve little. It’s clear enough that Topaz have a Support tab (and that it’s not this forum) and I have found it pretty responsive.
I am unable to update to 11.5 at present, as I have an intensive task on Video Enhancer running that won’t complete for another 12 hours at least. Once has done so, I will update and then run the two apps myself to see if the crashes occur on my system.

How can an email address ( be “removed”? Are you saying that mail to this address bounces? (that would be highly unusual; not impossible, but not likely to be intentional).

Should we assume you have: Help->File Logging->ON ???

(which saves debug trace files and is imminently useful for reporting crashes)

Email to appears to be working as designed. :smirk:


Hi Jerry,

We received your help request, and one of our support agents will review it as soon as possible. Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (CST), and we normally respond within 8 business hours.

Special Note For Technical Help
If your request is technical in nature, such as your program is not working properly or the app won’t open, please send us your computer system profile so we can check for any known hardware or driver conflicts. Here are videos to show you how to get them:

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)
How To Obtain Your System Profile (Mac)

Once you have the file, just reply to this email and add it as an attachment so we can review it.

Thank you,
Topaz Labs Customer Success Team



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Not sure what this means? 11.5 WAS the update (released yesterday).

No, I had 11.5 for a few weeks. But I am in the public beta program.

I think what Apple is trying to say is 11.5 has been released to the public at large. I too was confused by that post.

People in the beta program like me will update just to replace the 11.5 beta with 11.5 release.

Apple’s attention is now focused on Monterey but I am not participating in that beta.

But that e-mail address cannot be found on your website. It used to be there but has been removed. Only the support pages are available and a search for Contact or Technical Support or Topaz E-mail address does not produce appropriate results. Clicking on Contact Us from the home page only links to the support page.

Try this Contacting Support - #3

But I would suggest that using Beta OS is not a good idea and you would use at your own risk.

Not using beta software on my Mac, but appreciate your sage advice.

Have you tested your website on the latest version of Firefox? Again, not beta. Release versions.

The only place a link for Contacting Support exists is in your reply message to me and the link you pinned 40 minutes ago.

The Contact Us link off the home page does open a pop-up Window in Safari. But it does nothing on Firefox Version 90.0.2.

Attached are some screenshots. So, you can know I’m not too stupid to find a Contact Us link had one existed. Is it there, and I’m just not seeing it? Or is it contained in some other topic that more closely matches “Contacting Support”?

Is it here, maybe?? No, clicking on Contact Us does nothing and the link is just to your support page as shown in the previous screenshot.

Here’s what I think the programmers intended, but this is in Safari, not Firefox. It didn’t open on first click of contact us, but did open when I requested it open in a separate window or tab.

So, I must stand by my assertion, but with a qualifier, There is no published way to contact Topaz Software using Firefox Mac. There is a bug in your code when it comes to Firefox Mac. Or maybe some link is stuck in my Firefox cache, I’ll have to try that next after I send this.

I will check to see if the apps are still crashing, and if so, I will contact you via your form on Safari, until your programmers can address the Firefox issue. I’ll let you know if clearing the cache resolves the Firefox issue.

The Contact-Us Link works for me…(Windows Opera browser). You might try a different browser.

PS Directly publishing an email address on a public web page is typically an invitation to a spam-flood. That’s why most vendors use a web-form.

Not my website, I’m a user just like you and don’t use FireFox. The loop appears on most pages:


Enter Subject, yourEmail Address, Details and Send … use another Browser.


My comment about Beta was from your statement “People in the beta program like me will update just to replace the 11.5 beta with 11.5 release.” … my advice is never use Beta OS for production and, if you do, reinstall software after updating the OS as many issues can be caused because of libraries, plists etc.

The last beta for Denoise AI was released earlier this month and the public version (3.2) was released on 14 July. There isn’t a current beta.