DeNoise AI & AI Gigapixel Updates

I currently own De Noise AI v 1.3.1 & AI Giga Pixel v 4.4.3 and when i launched both versions today there was a dialogue stating updates are available for both apps but when i click on the box to start the update nothing is happening regarding updating.
Is there something i man not doing correctly to update the programs
I am on an iMac

Any help or advice will be most welcome


I have had a similar problem for months.

In both cases the change log states that you must download the installer from the downloads page and install using that.

In the case of DeNoise v2, you also must uninstall the previous version before installing the latest version.

You notice any problem Photo Shop or Affinity ?

Many thanks for the reply.
I have now received an email to download AI Denoise 2 and it says it is a trial version and i should delete
the previous version (which i have previously paid for) if i download and install v2 will it still be a trial as i do not want to pay for another version. The same applies to the AI Gigapixel

Just make sure you sign in with the email id you used to purchase DeNoise & GigaPixel … It should be the same as the email address used to send the update notice.

You may need to select switch user and log in again.

Hi Don,
Thanks for the info and all installed wand working fine.
Regards Adrian

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