Denoise AI 3.3.4 losing 1 row and column of pixels

Application & Version: Topaz DeNoise AI Version 3.3.4
Operating System: macOS 10.16
Graphics Hardware: Apple M1
OpenGL Driver: 4.1 Metal - 76.1
CPU RAM: 8192 MB
Video RAM: 2047 MB
Preview Limit: 4492 Pixels

Hi All, I seem to have hit a bug in DeNoise where you lose a pixel in each Dimension from the first image batch processed if you use if you don’t Preserve the input format.

I’m processing a bunch of DNG files using the RAW model with parameters N:20 S:40 R:0 C:0, all images are 2880x2880

When Batch Proceessing (Select All ticked) the first image in the queue is saved as 2879x2879, the rest are saved as 2880x2880 as expected I then closed an re-opened Denoise then tried processing two files from the group by adding another file first then adding the file that was first to process before. The first image, which was saved as the right size before, was now saved as 2879x2879 and the file was previously first and was saved with the wrong size was saved with the correct size.

So it seems, the first file processed is saved the wrong size. Further testing shows the same issue if you only process one file, and that it doesn’t seem to happen if you choose the ‘preserve source format’ option.

Can anyone confirm if this is the general issue ?

Hi Topaz…

This bug seemed to go away for 3.4.x releases but is now back in 3.5.0.


Actually no its worse as its now all the images in a batch are the wrong size from the RAW model and
Preserve format is losing 2 pixels so my 2880x2880 images become 2878z2878.