Denoise AI 2 Color Shift

Thank you Terry,

Yes, I have version 2.0.0.

5000 images? Wow, and I thought I had a lot of work going through 300 of them last night!

Strange, I tried dragging the pictures into the message text, they display but when I click on reply I get a message of “Sorry you can’t put images in a post”

Perhaps it’s a permissions issue, I’ll post a message in the general help.

Concerning: “This export was affected, it looked flat and colorless.” This software still needs some work. When I first communicated with you it was very bad. There was no way to get an acceptable image. At this point it is still washing out the colors slightly and that isn’t the way it is supposed to perform. At least this version produces an image which can be taken into ACR and with a bit of adjustments it produces an acceptable image. The first version was essentially useless. I’ve created an action in Photoshop which does those modifications with a click of a button. That action will not always be needed.

Sorry Miguel, There could be some restrictions about posting photos that I’m not aware of. I’m pretty sure I know what results you are achieving though. For me they aren’t a real problem because I need to take my images into ACR after processing in DeNoise anyway, and there they will be adjusted automatically with the defaults I’ve set up. For me it’s more of a slight annoyance because I can still do what I need to do. It’s just that I have that one extra step in my workflow, but since it’s one that is corrected automatically in ACR, I hardly notice it. And it only affects DeNoise processed photos. The other products aren’t affected. I’ll be glad when it is all worked out. Topaz has lost a few essential people and they are trying their best to work through those problems.

It looks like John has responded to your posting images question. I don’t know how many postings are required either.


I wanted to thank you again for all your responses, your feedback has helped me tremendously. I now export the files in TIF from Lightroom, run them through DeNoise and then bring them into ACR as you suggested. This led me to change my workflow, but it has been in a positive direction.


I’m glad I could help Miguel. Hopefully it won’t take them a long time to work out the kinks and then this workaround won’t be necessary. But it is a good program and I’m happy with the final results. Just wish the extra steps weren’t needed.

I’m still having this issue with NEF files, and just updated - I thought this would have been fixed by now.

and likewise Arinna - opening a NEF file from De-noise results in a terribly flat and washed-out image.
In my case I’m on an M1 Mac and so the plugins don’t work from Affinity Photo so I can’t send De-Noise a tif file.