DeNoise AI 2.4.0 - Installer

I have just installed DeNoise AI 2.4.0 and used it in Lightroom.
I noticed that AI 2.4.0 took much longer time to do Update and Apply than the previous version 2.3.6.
Has anyone also noticed this?

I’ve just updated to 2.4.0 from the previous version, and noticed that instead of keeping the trgrc folder where it was, and has been through a number of updates, it has placed it on my OS system drive.

So now to uninstall it completely and see whether the installer still lets me specify where I want it to go.

So after two complete uninstalls and clean installs, I’m left with a crippled program that put up “Processing Error” messages"


I can see today will be a long day.

The clean installs allow for the user to specify a location for the program itself (which I left as the default), and a location for the resources, which I keep on my Drive D:
Previously the path was “D:\ Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Denoise AI\tgrc”

For some reason this version now adds an additional folder into the path, so it now puts the resources in “D:\ Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Denoise AI*resources*\tgrc”

So off to lunch and then make a decision as to whether to go back and install the previous version, or spend some more time trying to sort out why it can’t find its files.

  1. With a clean installation, version 2.4.0 does work if you accept the default paths.
  2. If you update from a working previous version that had its resources in custom location, the update will work, but it will ignore the custom location for the resources, and simply bung them at the default location.
  3. If you do a clean installation and alter the path to the resources using the option in the installer, it will subsequently fail

There are several issues here.
a. The first is why it ignores the existing paths when doing an update. The installer for the previous version didn’t have this issue.

b. When you chose a custom location for the resources, it does put them at that location, and the registry entries do correctly point to that location, however when it then fails the logs show it was looking for at least and nlst.bin at the default location.

c. Having installed the resource folders tgrc and logs at the custom location, when it fails it is writing the logs to the default location and not into the logs folder in the custom location.

For the moment to save wasting any further time, I’m going to let it run with the resources at the default location, though I’m far from happy about that.

Every time Topaz say they have made improvements to the installer, it sends cold shivers up my spine, because more often than not, there are then issues with the new “improved” installer.

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I share your frustration. I also prefer the ability to choose the drive for my installs and resources but gave up with Topaz apps quite a while ago and just go with the default locations for both. Every single time I upgraded one of the Topaz apps it became a nuisance because each app installer is a little different and it became too time consuming for me to keep the organization the way I wanted it. To be fair, there are other graphic apps I use that don’t offer the choice. That being said, if Topaz offers a choice they should either make the installers able to recognize the custom path choices when upgrading…or take the choice away.

Since development changes occur at a rapid pace these days, I’ve also taken to uninstalling previous iterations before installing updated versions and find less problems that way. I would also like to see the installers (or perhaps a job for the uninstallers) remove the log files in the programdata directory from previous installations (or at least offer to do so at the end-user discretion). They can take up quite a bit of space on the system drive and from what I can see only apply to each processing task.

Currently the resources for Gigapixel AI, Mask AI, Sharpen AI and Studio 2 total around 6.5GB. There is no way I want that cluttering up backup images of my OS partition. The resources for the above list of apps all installed and work perfectly on another local SSD drive, as did the resources for Denoise AI prior to the “improvements” to the installer in this latest update.

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Same issue (ai model is missing or corrupted) after installing Denoise 2.4 on windows 10. Unfortunately, I uninstalled 2.36 and now I am stuck.

I share the frustration points stated in this email chain but wont repeat them here.

The issue seems to be that this upgrade will not install properly for a non-admin user. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall several times to fix but I already have a day job…

Denoise AI will install and run properly if you use an account with admin privileges. But, it will fail with missing module error if you install on or try to run from non-admin account.

Hope this helps to fix installer asap. Also, I wish to emphasize the benefits of allowing us to change the install location.

both types of installers for the Mac on MacOS BigSure fail. When started, they open and then nothing happens.

I do all my installs from an Admin account. Even when installed from an Admin account, this latest version of Denoise AI works ONLY if you stay with the default installer paths, and NOT if you use the option to place the resources elsewhere…

The logs clearly show the failure is because it looks for the files involved at C:\Program Files\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Denoise AI\resources\tgrc. regardless of where they are actually installed. It seems to be ignoring the registry key appMain/tgrcFolderLocation which does show the correct path when the resources are placed elsewhere.

Im sorry for bothering but where is thread for talking about beta version? I have issues that app crash when it comes to 100% and after 20secs program being closed without any error message.

An update 29/01/2021. There has now been another update released, v 2.4.1.

I uninstalled v2.4.0 completely, downloaded the full installer and did the install from an Admin account.

Placing the resources at a custom location now seems to work OK, though for some reason the log files folder with this installation is still placed at C:\ ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Denoise AI\Logs where as with Gigapixel AI, Mask AI, and Sharpen AI the Logs folder is put in the same custom location as the tgrc folder.

Sorry can’t help you with that. I’m not in the beta tester group.

Beta version for this release is closed but all the beta threads are located at

There is definitely something wrong with 2.4.1 installer, it crashes my macOS (Catalina 10.15.7) any time I try to upgrade 2.3.6 to 2.4.1. I haven’t had crashes with other applications.

I am not going to upgrade until this is all sorted out,i don,t want it to mess things up on my p.c. so can you get this sorted please.