DeNoise 6 crash problem

I just purchased DeNoise 6. I installed it and activated it. DeNoise said the activation was successful . I open DeNoise in stand alone mode and click" Browse" to open a file. As soon as the folder window opens DeNoise stops responding “tldenoise6.exe not responding” and the program closes. If you click " File - Open" the same thing happens.
I have a similar problem when using DeNoise as a plug in for LightroomCC. I can open a single file and work on it and save it but, If I try to batch process photos in plug in mode it crashes as soon as you click the browse button on the dialog box. Any thoughts on this. Thanks, Mike

I’m not sure what you mean here as typically you would write an action where CC opens a file and passes it to DeNoise?

On the general issues with Dell Computers can you raise a Technical Support Request at the Topaz Plugins Help Center link above as I believe there is an issue with Dell Backup or Desktop Icons … I cannot remember.

Do you have a Dell machine? If so, you might need a small utility that clears a registry entry that conflicts between our File Open dialog and the Dell Backup & Recovery utility that is included with the machine. If you do have a Dell computer, please Submit a Ticket

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