DeNoise 3.7.0



I have had an ongoing dialogue with Topaz support about this. They repeatedly tell me that it will be fixed in the next update. However, that update keeps getting pushed back - it is many months overdue now. It seems to me that Topaz are focusing on PhotoAI and neglecting their standalone product customers, whilst being more than happy to take their annual upgrade payments!


Yes, it does seem that way. tbh, I’m not in a position to move to Photo AI just yet - I am still trialling it, but it is too slow for my Late 2013 imac, with 2gb VRAM. The DeNoise and Sharpen AI products still work well enough for me, so it’s not too bad, but I feel for your cause.

Is topaz abandoning DeNoise Ai? there has been no further development of this program since June 2022.