Denoise 3.4 not saving changes to Photoshop 2022

New to Denoise AI. Installed on two Macs, iMac (Big Sur 11.6.2) and Macbook Pro (Monterey 12.1). Latest version of Denoise running on both (3.4.2). I can’t get the Denoise Plug-in to PS working on the Macbook Pro. Plug-in launches fine from within PS, does it’s job removing noise really well, but when I click Accept and it completes processing and the returns to PS…nothing. No changes are saved on the layer. I made a copy of the layer before invoking the plug-in so I could compare before/after, and they are identical after I complete processing using the Denoise plug-in (I.e. no changes were saved back to PS).

It works perfectly on the iMac even though I’m running the older OS (Big Sur). Both computers are running the same Denoise version (3.4.2) and the same PS version (PS 2022, v 23.1.0).

Interestingly, Denoise works fine when I invoke it from within LR. However, this doesn’t work with my workflow since I want to be use Denoise from within PS, not LR.

I’ve tried everything from de-installing,re-installing both PS and Denoise, and re-installing the plugin but it doesn’t work.

Can someone please advise on what I can do to fix this?