DeNoise 3.4.2 won't load as a plug-in in Lightroom

When I load the new version of DeNoise (3.4.2) on my iMac running Monterey, the program works externally, but won’t work as an LR plug-in. All the in-program prompts to re-install the Photoshop/Lightroom plug-in capability do nothing. Even if I manually install the program as a new preset in LR preferences it simply opens to the external editor and so does not save within LR (doesn’t ‘Apply changes’, just ‘Save’). So the program works but only in ‘external editor’ mode - saving a new file to the original file’s folder. All the tutorials and videos stop at reloading the program and preset after deleting all older versions and re-installing DeNoise - the assumption being that it’ll then work. It doesn’t. Help needed.


With DN3.5 and OS 12.1 I have the same issue. I did everything on Topaz website, including reinstall and pref delete and reselect. Now its starts from LR, but does not return the image to the catalog. Its simply unusable with Lightroom. Please fix ASAP.

I have the same problem with iMac (Monterey) and DeNoise AI v3.5.0. I have removed and reinstalled DeNoise 3 times and followed steps closely. Unlike Topaz Sharpen AI, my photos using DeNoise will not return to LR and I must go to IMPORT to get my edited photo.

Same issue…it’s unacceptable.

Same. I decided to try 3.3 again (since I’m not going to pay for a license renewal if this doesn’t get fixed) but it’s still an issue. So downgrading to 3.0 again…

HI…I am facing the exact same issue , with the Topaz bundle- Denoise, Sharpen and Gigabyte. The options would maskout and won’t allow for selection .
Did you get any solution for this issue ?

Whenever I upgrade to any newer version of any of the Topaz elements this always happens.
However, I’ve found that, after a couple of days, if I do a full shutdown/restart there are two versions of DeNoise, Sharpen and Gigapixel showing in the ‘External Editors’ listing in that tab in Lightroom Preferences. One does work (the one listed as linking to the relevant Topaz app) and one doesn’t (ie the version linking to the external editor version, and so that one only offers an out of Lightroom ‘Save’ not in internal ‘Apply’ tab. Both versions carry the same name (eg 2 x Topaz Sharpen 2 x Topaz DeNoise and 2 x Topaz Gigapixel).
So I delete the three external-linked versions and only keep the app-linked ones and all is fine - until the next upgrade.

I have no idea why this ‘two version’ idiocy happens or why it only happens a couple of days or so after installation. It certainly never works correctly immediately after installation.

Really poor integration with recent MacOS systems that should’ve been fixed by now.

Not a good solution, but at least I end up with versions that work as they should.