DeNoise 3.4.2 won't load as a plug-in in Lightroom

When I load the new version of DeNoise (3.4.2) on my iMac running Monterey, the program works externally, but won’t work as an LR plug-in. All the in-program prompts to re-install the Photoshop/Lightroom plug-in capability do nothing. Even if I manually install the program as a new preset in LR preferences it simply opens to the external editor and so does not save within LR (doesn’t ‘Apply changes’, just ‘Save’). So the program works but only in ‘external editor’ mode - saving a new file to the original file’s folder. All the tutorials and videos stop at reloading the program and preset after deleting all older versions and re-installing DeNoise - the assumption being that it’ll then work. It doesn’t. Help needed.

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