DeNoise 3.4.2 will not upgrade

Opened DeNoise recently - it requested to upgrade to 3.4.2
Did this and it said it was going to upgrade in the background whilst I kept it open [ i was in PS2022 at the time using this as a plugin]. Said it had upgraded, but on re-start it still looks the same and still says 3.4.1
Tried again, then it said I was in trial mode and I had to log on to activate. Well… after a few attempts it activated and I was back in 3.4.1
Question: What is wrong with this Mac upgrade and why won’t it work.
ps - I have also tried downloading and installing the full osx 3.42 installer - to no avail.
i am running Catalina on Mac OSX 10.15.7, so I see no reason based on minimum OSX specifications/requirements for DeNoise.
Help required please.