Denoise 2.3.1 reboots Windows 10

Denoise reboots my PC when it is about 2% generating previews. I’ve turned off GPU assist with no improvement. I’m sure I’ve used 2.3.1 successfully since installation, but not certain. Denoise via Studio 2 works as expected. All other Topaz programs work as expected.

I removed the app with add/remove, but now I can not reinstall the app - install anyway just hangs. I’ve tried both the complete and online exe.

Please help!

doug bolt
Win 10 pro -1909 ver, 32G memory i7 cpu

Please raise a support request at the main website. If sounds like you have more than one version installed if it works from Studio but nowhere else as the application is the same for the plugin and standalone.

Also as OpenCL is in use by the application your GPU drivers must be up to date from the manufacturers website.

Make sure that the installer you download is from the download page on the main website.