DeNoise 2.1.4 Not Launching as Standalone

I updated to the latest release of DeNoise on my Win 10 Pro 64 PC in the past week.

I can get it to launch as a plugin to Ps CC 2020 (latest version). But absolutely cannot get it to launch as the standalone from my PC’s desktop.

All recent previous releases of DeNoise worked both standalone and as a plugin. In fact, I always had to launch the products in standalone mode first to “activate” them before using them in my preferred mode as a plugin. Even though I do prefer to use my Topaz products as Ps CC plugins, they should all still work as standalones too…

When I double-click on the DeNoise icon, for a very brief half-instant I see the spinning circle (it goes about 180 degrees) that suggests the product will launch, then that disappears and the product never launches.

Happy Easter.

UPDATE: I re-started the PC 2x. Did a re-install on DNAI. And, now it launched as a standalone. At least the one time I tried. Will now see if Ps CC plugin still works …it does! Don’t know what happened. But when I checked my Control Panel and looked under my Topaz products listings in the installed programs list, DeNoise AI didn’t show up. Which struck me as odd b/c the latest version I’d installed (2.1.4) was operating w/in Ps CC 2020. Fingers crossed it keeps working.

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