Delighted with Topaz AI

I am a total newbie to Topaz AI. I am a retired wildlife biologist and amateur bird photographer. I especially like the challenge of birds in flight. Inherently, this poses challenges for getting tack sharp images. I tested a few somewhat blurry shots on Topaz AI and was BEYOND AMAZED at the results. It is CRAZY what AI can do. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. WAY BETTER than anything Lightroom, Photoshop etc can deliver and totally worth the relatively miserly purchase price relative to the investment of time, resources, and money to obtain the original shots! Like the old saying…“Just do it” …buy Topaz AI; And NO, I am just a true believer. I am not affiliated with or benefitting from Topaz.


Thanks for the kind words and feedback :slight_smile: