Deinterlace option in OSX

Hi All, as a hobbist I trie to achieve the best I can and my main concern is with old analog videos,
also not so much old as HDV, my main problem is I would use Proteus as a profile but I also need
to deinterlace so I can only use Dione with I’m quite happy with but would trie Proteus, can somebody explain me how can I deinterlace prior to use TVAI? I tried to install Hibrid but
for me is like Chinese, not really expert on using terminal.ThankYou for your time!

You should take a bit longer trying with Hybrid. It is awkward to install and use, but I’m very impressed with results using Filtering/(De-)Interlace/Telecine, Placebo preset (experiment if you want more efficient) with Bob checked.
Then bring that into TVAI and give Proteus a try.

Good Luck, Sheldon.


I highly recommend the very user-friendly (and free) HandBrake app for deinterlacing / decombing first prior to upscaling in TVAI. It is extremely fast if you tell it to use the GPU.



Thankyou Andy, I will have a look!

Compressor does a good job at deinterlacing if you select the correct options. And it is super fast.

Hi Michael thankyou for your response,I use Compressor for my final exports from TVAI’s ProRes, normally at H265 Dolby Vision and with the highest quality and the results are amazing.What options would you suggest, also would you do it at 25 or 50 (I m in Pal land) as I think Dione only do this at double the frame rate, finally wich model you suggest as I think Proteus is more for medium to high quality input sources and Im concerned with old and low quality videos.Thanks again!

I’m confused - you are deinterlacing before or after your video has been imported into the software?

Sorry, my English is not very good, this is what I do with old videos: use Dione Tv or DV, upscale, export in ProRes HQ then I use a Compressor template (Apple devices Dolby Atmos) and export it as H265.
I’ve seen a lot of people saying is better to deinterlace outside TVAI and then use some model to improve and upscale it.Dione is not bad at least for me but wanted to trie a different route, this is deinterlace before so I’m free to use another model that is not Dione.Questions: Dione does it converting it at double frame rate, do you think Compressor is good at doing this? When I have it deinterlaced wich model should you use for old DV and HDV tapes I think Proteus is for videos that are
good ior at least not so bad in origin…Hope my words make sense to you, than you !