Dedicated Film Restoration AI model

Topaz Video Enhance is one of the most used programs in the world for historic film restoration. The current models do the job ok but it would be nice to have a model that will recover as much detail as possible from a scanned film reel, denoise it as much as possible, sharpen it as much as possible and then also remove dust and scratches from the film as well as colorize the output if the user so desires. This would be extremely useful for those people who restore old film footage as a job. An example of video I partially restored can be seen here: Echoes Of Spring - Ralph Sutton - Live in France 1980 (HQ audio, FHD Video @ 60 FPS!!!) - YouTube
Unfortunately, the VHS tape used to film this has been messed up over the years resulting in little glitches all over which the AI model would be trained to fix. Color correction would be an interesting feature as well in this proposed model.