DCP Files?

Hi, In Lightroom, Luminar and I beleive DXO it is possible to create your own DCP (Camera Digital Profile) along with the X-Rite Colourchecker Adobe have had that option for some time where Luminar and DXO have not so long so would it be possible to have an option within Topaz software? You can make DCP with the free Adobe DNG manager and free X-Rite software so just need to be able to store and use within Topaz software. Thankyou, Russ.

No it isn’t possible as the profiles that the X-Rite ColorChecker software produces are unique to CameraRAW either as a single profile or a dual illuminant profile.

X-Rite has recently released software, I think it is still in beta, that you can use to create a ICC Profile from which you could create a LUT. But again not applicable to Studio.

So maybe the easier way is to include a way to apply LUTs in Studio.

Hi, Thankyou for the reply and information on the BETA X-Rite software to be able to make a DCP - LUT maybe solve many software providers with an easy answer. Russ.

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3d Lut Creator can already make LUTs using the X-Ridte ColorChecker, if that is useful.