Davinci Resolve Upscale Slow Beta Plugin

This isn’t a complaint but just trying to understand the new Beta plugin. First, there is no GAIA setting, is that coming later? I used the Proteus Model to upscale from 1080 to 3840 and it looks incredible. Way better than if I do it in the Topaz VEAI program. But it takes about 3 times longer. With a RTX 4080 I am getting 3 FPS. If I don’t upscale and just apply Proteus at 1080p then 4 FPS. It seems to be working very differently in Resolve. Is there a way to speed it up. What is the intended way to use the plugin? I will probably continue to color correct in Resolve then upscale with GAIA in Topaz VEAI.

I would colour correct AFTER VEAI.

Really? why?

It is a best practice to always color correct as your last step before exporting a video, there can be a color shift when using the AI models.

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TVAI is a great tool for what it is.
It’s not without it’s faults tho.
After many years of testing I just find that after using VEAI, using Resolve Studio to fine tune colour, sharpness etc is the final step.
I’m generally talking about ok quality 1080 input footage.
Of course if you have 480 input 8mm poor scan then use reslove first along with vapoursynth to fix first first.

Hint: If you have a poor 480 input outside of TVAI do NOT upscale.