Cynar on the rocks

Bar in the Hotel Atlantic Hamburg.
Can only recommend to visit this traditional bar while visiting Hamburg.
The Cynar on the rocks and a slice of lemon was delicious :wink:

Al Clear, Impression and a tiny bit Re-Style + digital frame


Beautiful, looks like a great place to sit back and relax.

Dark and Moody. Wonderful image.:slightly_smiling_face:

Nice atmosphere and style …

Agree with everyone, great result

Thank you Raquel @Ricci David @cruzinova57 Bob @BobKramer and Ken @KenKv for your positive feedback. I appreciate this

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Cynar? Artichoke based? Really? That said, I like it. Nice.

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Yep, artichoke based liquor. 2 ice cubes, a slice lemon - That’s it!