Cut video into sections to apply differant enhancement models

Im wondering if it would be difficult to cut the video into sections and apply differant enhancement models to those sections.

Ie Iris for face shots
Proteus for detailed shots etc.

You would split or cut the video into sections like in Davinci resolve etc and apply the differant models etc and than process the entire video.

I know you could cut the clips into sections with a video editor but than you would have to piece those back together after getting the frames correct.

Isn’t that the point of making TVAI an editor plugin, so you can use cuts to break out clips and apply enhancement to them?

Sorry I haven’t updated yet as can’t afford the $145 upgrade yet.

I have davinci resolve is this plugin for the free version or do you need the studio version of davinci resolve.

I don’t really have a need to pay extra for the studio version just to run a plugin.

It’s compatible with the free version. I’m not using it yet, because IMO TVAI is still too unstable. It’s bad enough when it fails running standalone, but the prospect of TVAI crashing and taking an entire video editing session with it is too great a risk. So I export clips, save and close the editor, enhance in TVAI and then relaunch the editor and replace the original clips with the enhanced ones.

That’s probably the way I would do it , split into clips and export as video only.
Than re import enhanced clip.