Custom scale does not allow input of decimal numbers (7.2.1)

Hi, might be because I’m on a German system (Windows 11), but I’m unable to enter a decimal value for Custom scale.
In Germany we write decimal numbers with a comma; like this: 1,5
If I enter that the system uses scale 1.00x
But if I enter 1.5 the system changes the input to 1,50E+01 and still uses 1.00x as scale.
If I enter a custom width which is 1.5x the image size I get a scale display of 1.50x; but when I now change to Custom scale input it displays 1.5 but has a red border and scale is again reset to 1.00x.
My best guess is that there’s a conflict with the way Windows processes the numbers (because of German number settings).
Since I want to batch upscale a large number of images by 150%, no matter their width, I’m currently at a loss.

You are exactly correct as this is a foreign language conflict with Gigapixel.

With that said, our development team is well aware and we are actively working on a patch to allow our German, and all others affected, this functionality.

I apologize for the frustration this has caused but please do know that we are working to resolve this conflict.

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