Custom Crop Ratio…

  In the crop options, there’s an option to select keeping the original ratio, “custom” which just lets you freely crop independently in each direction, or a selection of specific crop ratios.

  I have a particular obsession with the Golden Ratio, and often tend to try to crop my images to fit Golden Rectangles.  It would make me happy if the Golden Ration was among the built-in ratios. It can be roughly defined as 1:1.618; or more precisely calculated as 1:(0.5+√1.25).

  Perhaps even better, yet, would be to allow users to edit the list of prefabbed ratios, to include those of their choice, and to remove those for which they have no use.

When you’re cropping, click the lock icon to the right of the ratio dropdown. You’ll be able to set a custom ratio.

  You seem to have misunderstood what I am asking for.

  I know how to set the cropping on an individual image, while I am working with it.

  What I want is for the Golden Ratio to be among these options permanently offered to me in this drop-down.  I want to be able to edit this list, to include those aspect ratios that I want to use on a regular basis.

Got it, thanks for clarifying. We’ll see if we can integrate that into a future release.