“What kinda camera ya go there”? Sharp, colorful, well composed image. The fly’s bother me :slight_smile:

Thanks MIchigander - I’m using an Olympus OMD 5 Mk II with a 12 - 40 Pro lens. The composition is courtesy of the cows which I had no control over :grinning: I got lucky here as these youngsters were very curious and came over to give the camera a good sniff! The flies come with the territory :slight_smile:


Looked as if the cows were curious :slight_smile:

A really wonderful shot, I like the closeup and look of their curiosity… now, if we only knew what they were thinking at the time?

Living in Switzerland - what can I say…
Very cute and very curious.
Nice image!

Great captured! Very sharp image, very funny discussion!

Love the composition, it’s very mooving.

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