Culling and Organizing Photos

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I find it particularly onerous when cataloging and culling images to enter meta data, EXIF, and tags multiple times. I don’t rely on one brand of software to complete my editing. And for the same token, I don’t welcome having to enter the same image data into each software’s catalogue.

The only completely agnostic catalogue software program is PhotoMechanic Plus which is difficult to learn unless you’re experienced with using traditional databases. Yes, you can write code that will re-organize PhotoMecanic’s fields, but that’s way above my skill set.

Other software less capable than PM is certainly helpful when searching for photos, but are still lacking, include X1 and Directory Opus.

I’d be willing to pay for a program that allows for agnostic, interoperability like PM.

Just a thought.

Thanksribe your idea and how it would be useful to you in your workflow.]

Thanks for the idea and for sharing that suggestion! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile: