Cue me in on the queue, please

Yesterday, I loaded 3 input files. However, only 1 got procesed (and I had set max processing to 1 as per the dev’s suggestion, so they would be processed consecutively.

So, how can I queue them to be processed, one after the other?

they should have been processed based on your description of the steps you took.

Yep, but they aren’t. :slight_smile: In v2.6.4 you had useful checkboxes on the queue, but not any more:

I seem to have no way to select them all.

i think I know your issue :slight_smile:
you loaded 2 videos (or more) but you selected only one video in the input section (you see you highlighted only one video). you need to select all your videos by clicking on them when holding the Ctrl (or Shift) button, or by Ctrl + A (select all). once you do that then you need to select the presets, action you want to do. because based on your screen shot you only had set one video with your settings to be processed. you can also verify this by see in brackets on the “export” button the number of exports.


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By golly, I think you’re right. :slight_smile: Thank you!

N.B. I still like the checkboxes in v2.6.4 better.

I’ve never tried it, but can you start one processing, then select another input and change the settings as needed, and then click export again to add it to the exporting queue?

yes, you can sequence as many videos as you want to get processed, and before activating export video by video you can put any settings individually for each them.

you can, yes