When croping, the output is smaler, on the screen, than the input
In Gigapixel AI, the output has the same sice, on the screen
The sharpening is still to heavy, in autopilot
Niice that there are no waiting time, from pressing save, it’ fast
Best regards
Kaj Sørensen, DK

@kaj.sorensen Thanks for reaching out.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean here. When you crop the image, it will show you a smaller portion of the image than the original. You can then upscale it if you’d like.

Generally, Autopilot is a great place to start but sometimes you’ll need to make manual adjustments to get the results you want. We appreciate your patience as we improve our AI models!

Hi Tim
Thank you for the answer
i’l do that
Best regards

Kaj Sørensen DK