Cropping - works worse and worse

Fascinatingly, cropping is getting worse and worse with each version.
Hit: given resolution: 3840x2160, received: 3831x2154. Seriously, no one can do this once, right?

The current version works like a joke.

I will write how to do:

  1. Before upsizing, make sure the dimensions will not be smaller
  2. After upsize, trim the too long sides
  3. SAVE

After changing the crop, I have to enter the same dimensions so that they are taken into account after the crop. Of course, the program does not follow them anyway.

Additionally, entering a new image height causes a face mask (Face Recovery) to appear in a different part of the image. You must enter the width for the face mask to be placed correctly.
Error on error…

The Width & Height indicators, when cropping, aren’t an accurate representation of the image’s final dimensions or the selected pixels. They are only a ratio at which the image gets cropped and are expected to change with specific crop sizes.

After applying the crop, you can view the cropped image’s dimensions on the top right of the Photo AI window. See the screenshot below.


You can select a Custom Aspect Ratio and then click on the Lock symbol shown in the screenshot below to prevent the aspect ratio from changing while cropping.

And that’s how it works…