Cropping Problem

When I try to crop a video without adding any enhancements or upscaling I get an error message after 4% is done. Is there any way to correct this issue as I’m only trying to remove things like black bars, etc.?

When you EXPORT, the command passed to ffmpeg will be in error. You can’t edit a file that has the same input and output filename is what I believe the error message says.

When you go to export, you need to use “EXPORT AS” instead of just “EXPORT” and then on the next window where you confirm the name of the file, change the name of the output file to something else such as appending a character to the end of the base name, so for example, change it from ABC_EFG_tvai.mp4 to ABC_EFG_tvai2.mp4.

The other solution is to enable Frame Interpolation: None, Chronos Fast. Then you won’t have to worry about changing the name of the file to be output. This should be fast processing.

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Great thanks, I will give it a try.

Works like a charm. Thanks so much.