Cropping causes Face Recovery to result in ghosted faces added to preview and output image

2024-03-31-16-17-9.tzlog (336.4 KB)
Face Recovery is causing ghosted duplicates of faces in an image preview and output.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 Load image
  2. Step 2 Make sure Recover Faces is selected
  3. Step 3 Crop image (note amount of cropping affects the offset of ghosted faces)
  4. Step 4 Look at preview (and output if processed)

Result: There are ghosted copies of the faces in the image.
If you remove Face Recovery, the ghosting does not occur in updated preview or output image.
Not limited to any particular image as long as face recovery runs.
If you load other images without closing or using cropping the ghosting persists if Face Recovery is on until app is closed and reopened. Then everything runs fine until you crop.
I have added an image which clearly shows what I am seeing.

M3 Macbook Pro
Mac OS Sonoma 14.3.1
App version: 2.4.2

I can confirm this behaviour:

Mac mini M1 16GB Sonoma 14.4.1

Thanks for reaching out to us here and sending in that log file. There is a task for our developers to investigate this further.