Crop Tool Video Enhace

I wonder if it would be possible to have crop tool in Video Enhance similar to crop tool recently introduced in Gigapixel?


I second this! since sometimes my videos aren’t aligned in the very center and I need to crop them so VEAI can perform proper upscale.

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As a lot of my videos are 4:3; I end up having to crop them after processing them so would welcome this facility.

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Good to bring it up once more, it has been requested for months now and hoepfully will find its ways into VEAI some day (unless we write a GUI for it before :slight_smile: )

Yes! Currently I’m having to crop via VirtualDub after processing through VEAI.

It would be really usefull !
As the “Crop to fill frame” is centered, it would be very usefull to add a X and Y position too !