Crop tool in Topaz 2.0.12

Latest Topaz 2.0.12 is not updating selections automatically in crop tool.
Let say if I select 16:9 and then select 8:10 nothing happens until I click on the picture.
They never implement selection for horizontal or portrait mode. (Never did that in Version 1 when I ask them for that option)
If I select 16x9 there is no Option to go 9x16 and so on like 8x10 no selection to change 10x8.
All programs that I use have that option with out going to custom mode. And if you in Custom you don’t have option to save that custom mode. So every time you have to keep entering same thing.

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@topazjosh … over to you.

same problem

I am also have the same issue

To be fair Joe, the list of presets currently does provide selection for both horizontal and portrait modes for the following:-

Horizontal 3:2/6:4
Portrait 2:3/4:6

Horizontal 4:3
Portrait 3:4

Horizontal 7:5
Portrait 5:7

No it doesn’t offer a landscape option to match the portrait 8:10 - Not sure why
No it doesn’t offer a portrait option to match to landscape 16:9 - Again not sure why but perhaps they thought few people turn their widescreens TV’s vertical, but that ratio also is also used for monitors and some of those are used in portrait mode.

The biggest issue for me with the crop tool is that I commonly crop to a ratio of 210 : 297 (or 297 : 210) to fit photos full size or 1/4 size to A4 sheets of photographic paper, and also 210 : 148.5 (or 148.5 : 210) to fit photos 1/2 size on A4 paper. Yes I can still achieve that (sort of…), but I have to individually type in the Width and the height and then click on the lock to lock it before positioning the crop grid every time. I can’t save custom crop ratio presets like I can in Studio 1 so that is a big step backwards.

The “Sort of” is that it has a disturbing habit of either changing the value entered to 0 every so often, after which it is extremely difficult to get it back on the rails, or it simply decides to change the entered value to something else. For instance if I set the units to millimeters, enter the Width as 210 and the Height as 148.5 then click on the padlock to lock the ratio, it will almost always change the height to 148.3 (No idea why, perhaps someone could tell me).

Frankly the whole crop tool feels a tad clunky to me.
Try this - open a landscape photo of a reasonable size, then select the 16:9 aspect ratio preset.
Note by dragging one of the side handles on the crop grid that the crop ratio is locked (as it should be because it’s a preset ratio), but the padlock shows it as unlocked.

OK, now change the preset to 8:10. Contrary to what Joe has reported, the crop grid here on my Windows 10 pro system does change to 8:10 portrait, again locked as it should be, but again with the padlock showing unlocked.

Now toggle back and forward a few times between the two presets and note that the crop grid keeps reducing in size. How strange !

I personally would welcome seeing the present Studio 2 crop replaced by the Studio 1 format, but I don’t guess that will happen.

It’s fine that they do have some Ratio like 5:7 or 7:5 but Program like “FastStone Image Viewer” which is free has better Crop Tool then this payed Version of Topaz. And they never fixed in Version 1. Which had a problem with “.” when trying to add 11x8.5 you couldn’t do it.
Here is a picture of the “FastStone Image Viewer” Crop Tool

In Studio 1 just enter it as 110 x 85

I know but that is not the point. The Idea is to fix something that needs to be fixed. And with them not everything is being fixed.

It may well be that that it does have something to do with it though.

If there is a reasonable work around to a software issue, then it has less priority than an issue which has no work around. Topaz is a small company with limited resources. I imagine they would have to heavily prioritize their tasks.

In an ideal world everything would be fixed yesterday - unfortunately the world is a bit less than ideal :grinning:

I can see you are defending the Company from this and other topics which is fine but how long was the Version 1 already? I had that software Version 1 before release. And they knew about that problem and other stuff from the start. Now they are in Version 2 and they have the same problem with the crop tool and other stuff from version 1. They do have an enter where you can put “.” but not the other stuff that I put on the begging of the Topic and this is version 2. So on the other hand you saying I should wait maybe in Version 3 they will fixed the crop tool and other problems?