Crop lost when using plug-in extra route

I keep hoping this gets fixed, as I can’t be the only one… but through several months of updates (currently running PAI 1.2.9) - problem persists.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Crop RAW image / apply other LR edits
  2. launch PAI via File → Plug In Extra → Process with PAI
  3. apply auto settings within PAI
  4. when the resulting DNG file is viewed in LR, the crop applied has been lost
  5. I also noticed I lost the original flag on the DNG file.

If I process the same image using “Edit in” method whereby file gets converted to TIFF first - everything works fine (crop and flag are correctly applied when subsequent file is seen in LR)

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.9] on Windows 11
DxDiag.txt (115.6 KB)

Hi @brent.mosbrook, this is expected behavior for the Plug-In extras method – Plug-In extras isn’t able to carry over the XMP data from your original RAW file to the new DNG, so any crops or other creative edits will be lost.

You should be able to copy and paste the original settings onto the new DNG, or use the Sync… button in Lightroom.

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