Crop, Heal and Lens Tools don't work in Studio V1.8.4

In Topaz Studio V1.8.4 the Crop, Heal and Lens Tools do not work. Clicking on them does nothing. The Mask tool does work for me.

Windows 10 Pro

No problem seen here on my Windows 10 machine.

All fine on my Windows 10 as well. Perhaps try a reboot or a reinstall?

Thank you both for confirming that the tools work. I had rebooted with no luck.

Reinstalling has fixed the problem! Thanks so much for your help and suggestion, Paul.


You’re welcome.

It started happening again. Turns out that what causes this is when the left Presets Panel is collapsed, then the Crop, Heal and Lens Tools don’t work. Can anyone else confirm this?


Windows 10 pro

Just tried that and they still all work fine for me. Sorry.