Crop Feature in Version 1.3.2 not working

I understand that in version 1.3.2 that the Crop feature is in Public beta test. When trying to use it, the cropping feature seems to work, but the photo is not cropped after hitting “Apply”. Is this part of the beta test?

No it’s not a public beta test. Works fine as a standalone or from Capture One etc.

What problems are you actually having? And please provide ALL information necessary to assist you.

I have encountered a similar problem with release 1.3.2. When I try to use the crop feature when using the plugin from Lightroom Classic, it doesn’t actually crop. When I try to use the crop feature from the standalone version it crops in the wrong place (ie the output file is a crop in from some other part of the image, not where I specified.

BTW, I agree the crop is not in beta. I have been using it successfully in previous releases, though i can’t say if 1.3.1 worked ok, because i did the update from 1.3.0 to 1.3.2 in one go – ie both updates together.


Hi @simon.bastin, @2102409615.dn94, please see the below thread :slight_smile:

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