[CROP BATCH CONTROLS] - Cropping too inefficient

Hi I take pictures of birds and need to crop heavily. Currently I can’t do this in Topaz efficiently. I can’t batch crop in any way, I can’t save the crop window size between images or type in the pixel dimensions. Currently, it does not even report the pixel dimensions you are cropping into until after saving.

It would great if the crop window dimensions could be preserved in frame 1 so I can easily reposition the same crop window in frame 2 etc. At least Gove me the option of typing in dimensions.

Lastly, I know people hate this - but for Nature photos where the subject can be 10% of pixels or even less, it would be great if I could destructively crop a RAW image and resave the RAW data in crop (like in camera cropping - but in camera has many inconveniences). This would save me many Gb of space - but I would still have original image of interest in RAW.


That last paragraph – also my speech. I vote “for”.

Thanks for the idea and suggestion! Make sure that you do not forget to vote for your idea :slight_smile: